GAC R&D Center, established in 2006, is GAC Group’s technology management department and R&D system hub, responsible for implementation of new product and new technology planning and important R&D. GAC R&D Center has built domestically first-class, and internationally advanced R&D facilities including 15 kinds of laboratories covering vehicle, powertrain and new energy, one trial production workshop with welding, painting, general assembly and machine processing, and one automobile test site. With nearly 4000 international R&D staff as well as dozens of high-level experts from China’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts and automobile excellent technological talents, it also boasts of innovative platforms, such as state-certified enterprise technological center, overseas high-level talents innovation & entrepreneurship center, post-doctoral research work station and academician work station. The center files nearly 500 patent applications annually, totaling 3,000 so far, with an invention patent ratio of over 30%. In addition, the GAC self-driving vehicles is able to conduct independent autonomous driving in all weather and road conditions. With a global vision, GAC MOTOR, integrating resources of global advantageous suppliers and R&D institutions, has developed a global R&D network centering on GAC R&D Center and supported by GAC MOTOR technology center, as well as G-CPMA GAC cross-platform modularized organization (awarded first prize of China automotive industry technological progress award). It enjoys relatively comprehensive capabilities in the development of vehicle (including conventional and new energy car) and machine, maintaining a leading position among Chinese brands. Supported by GAC Group, GAC MOTOR will jointly promote cross-boundary innovation of automotive industry with world’s leading technology enterprises, to lay the foundation for automotive ecology, smart transport and smart city centered on intelligent driving in the future.

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